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In brief

In brief

Our company is offering integrated solutions in the areas of design, supply, construction and operation and maintenance of medium & large-scale PV systems, acting as a full EPC contractor.
Issuance of EU Directive 96/92 and subsequently national legislation 2273/99 that were declared in order to liberalize the Greek power market have resulted in establishment of Biosar back to 1999 with a clear scope to develop and operate Power Stations from Renewable Energy Sources at first in Greece and then at a global level.

Today our Company, by combining 15 years of extensive experience in the RES sector and the reliability given by ELLAKTOR Group of companies, is estimated to exceed 1,7GWp as a total PV installed capacity until the end of 2017, thus being one of the most successful and rapidly growing international EPC contractor in the solar energy sector. We are fully activated through local subsidiaries in the European and American energy markets and specifically in the markets of Bulgaria, Italy and UK as far as Europe is concerned as well as in Brazil, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, US and Dominican Republic with respect to the American continent and currently also in Australia.

Most recently, our Company has been activated in the wind energy market in Greece by signing contracts for the EPC construction of small and medium scale Wind Farms.