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Health & Safety

Health and Safety first

We believe that human resources play a crucial role in the continuous growth of our business. Thus, the provision for the Health and Safety of all employees is at the forefront of our philosophy and corporate business policy. In this context, we adapted its Health and Safety Policy, according to the company’s thorough structure and organisation, to reflect all the operational rules established to apply best practice with main aim to:

  • Integrate health and safety at all levels of administrative operation and decision-making process, throughout the company’s hierarchy.
  • Constantly inform and train our labour force on Health and Safety matters, enabling employees to play an active role in the effort of prevention and protection.
  • Evaluate and control hazards through the appropriate assessment of occupational risks and the suitable protection measures taken.
  • Promote constant improvement of the work environment, as well as the safeguarding of our own resources and third parties’ assets at the work areas where we active.

In support of this strategy, we have instigated a Certified Health and Safety Management System - in line with OHSAS 18001 standard - that provides the appropriate framework under which all procedures established for monitoring and assessing Health and Safety aspects could contribute to successfully prevent labour accidents, injuries and occupational diseases, as well as to ensure collective and integrated protection. As a market-leading business, we are committed in setting the industry standards for Health and Safety matters by making sure we are constantly informed on the current National and European legislation and on all other normative requirements and international practices.